Product Strategy

Product Strategy for a P2P fashion app

Implemented a data strategy & provided critical insights to their product strategy.




Data strategy, product strategy, communication strategy



The Process

We supported a popular peer-to-peer fashion app with their data transformation to extend the stack and operate with more tools. The objective was to grant the ability to analyse, communicate and act on data faster with greater impact on their marketing and product strategies.

With Segment at the centre, we strategised to feed data seamlessly downstream to Mixpanel and Klaviyo for operational use across multiple parts of the organisation.

The Result

The fashion app leveraged Mixpanel's powerful event tracking and user behaviour analysis capabilities to gain a deep understanding of their customers' journeys and preferences. By integrating Mixpanel with their e-commerce platform and mobile app, they could track every interaction, from product browsing and cart abandonment to purchases and post-purchase engagement. This comprehensive data enabled them to identify key drop-off points, optimise their user experience, and personalise their marketing efforts based on real-time user behaviour data.

Moreover, the integration of Mixpanel with Klaviyo, a leading email marketing automation platform, allowed the fashion app to activate their data insights and deliver highly targeted, personalised campaigns. By leveraging Klaviyo's dynamic segmentation and automated email flows, they could engage customers with timely and relevant content based on their browsing history, purchase patterns, and lifecycle stage. This data-driven approach resulted in a significant increase in customer engagement, retention, and revenue, as well as a better overall customer experience aligned with their preferences and behaviours.

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