Growth for a FinTech Startup

Holistically approached several areas of the business to grow efficiently.




Data strategy, marketing strategy, product strategy, communication strategy




Our client already had an implementation of Mixpanel, however it was falling short of being able to deliver actionable insights for the team. With multiple tools in the tech stack we set out to achieve a centralised data infrastructure that is incredibly scalable.The team had a vision to expand their advertising efforts into multiple different regions.
The main objective was to enable a data strategy that would tell a story about what users are doing in the app, how often they would come back and what significant actions they were completing successfully.
Data would be used to inform both their acquisition and customer lifecycle strategy.

Tools implemented


Throughout the project we delivered actionable data reports to the team about user adoption, growth trends in multiple regions, user retention and mission-critical stories.
We funnelled this data into understanding what users were doing from multiple acquisition sources and how user retention could be improved through education and churn prevention automation.
User adoption grew month-on-month with a high of 173% monthly user growth (based on a key activation event).

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