Why your Facebook ad strategy isn't working for you
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Why your Facebook ad strategy isn't working for you

So you've set up what you thought was going to be a well-converting ad campaign, but you're not getting the return on ad spend that you had hoped for. You keep checking your Ads Manager every few minutes, but the cost per conversion keeps rising. We've all been there!

Facebook ads don't work on the first try (unless you're extraordinarily lucky). It takes trial and error until you get the hang of it, but it's worth sticking to as this platform offers a considerable amount of data as well as the potential for a very high ROAS.

While Facebook advertising can do wonders for your user acquisition strategy, creating an approach which adapts to the ever-changing social media landscape is not an easy feat.

There are many reasons why your ads have stopped converting, and we understand that it can be an overwhelming task to understand the reason(s) why this is the case.

Why your Facebook ad strategy isn't working for you

As with most things, we like to encourage a step-by-step approach, where we analyse every element of your campaign to determine what is working for you and what is not.

We'll be presenting you with seven potential problems along with their solutions so that you can determine the issue at hand and fix it as quickly as possible.

Problem 1: Your landing page is working against you

The first thing that we'll be discussing is the landing page and the user journey that follows it. Put yourself in your potential user's shoes and go through the process. Is the landing page distracting, or are there too many possible outcomes? Is your value proposition or offer unclear? Is it difficult to navigate?

Your landing page should have one sole goal, and your value proposition needs to be crystal clear from the beginning.

Solution: work on strengthening your value proposition and optimise your landing page in a way that gets a potential user to do exactly what you need them to. Eliminate distractions and use inviting imagery. If you're unsure about what works, split test several landing pages with varying copy and creative to determine what's best for your campaign.

Problem 2: Your offer isn't attracting new users

If your ad is reaching a significant amount of people, but not many are clicking on your call to action, perhaps what you're offering isn't attractive enough.

Solution: Try to understand what your business can offer, while taking into consideration location, budget, interests and seasonality.

Your offer will (and probably should) change throughout the year, so don't be afraid to switch it up. Ask yourself if your offer is solving a pain point for your user, and if there are better or more cost-effective options out there that your product is losing out to, then make changes accordingly.

Problem 3: Your ad is getting clicks and landing page views, but no downloads/sales

There are many reasons why this could be happening, but it is often down to pricing. If a user is interested enough to click on your ad but doesn't convert, your pricing might be putting them off.

Solution: Consider changing your pricing structure and implement a free trial. Once you have a user in your funnel, it'll be much easier to market to them.

Problem 4: Your audience just isn't interested

Even though you've done your research before starting to market to your audience, they aren't interested, and your clickthrough rate is low. This could be due to choosing the wrong audience or because your messaging is unsuitable for that specific audience.

Solution: Split test different audiences using rapid-fire testing. Find out who your audience really is and measure how they respond to your ads and different messaging types. Then, allocate more budget to what works and less to what doesn't until you have found your winning combinations.

Problem 5: Users are getting lost in your funnel

Your funnel can be too long or too short. You might be missing out on users if you're not providing them with enough information, or because the barrier-to-entry is too high.

Solution: Determine the right number of clicks for your funnel that works for your audiences. This isn't an exact science, so it's worth testing various lengths to determine which funnel length serves your marketing strategy best.

Problem 6: Your ad creative isn't good enough

Even the best ad targeting and landing page won't be successful if your Facebook ad creative and copy don't resonate with your audience. In this scenario, your ad might have a lot of reach, but not much engagement or a low clickthrough rate.

Solution: Switch up and test your ad creative by trying different formats and combinations while looking at how successful competitors are approaching their ads. You can find any ad that a company is running using Facebook's Ad Library.

You can also use an existing post with sufficient engagement as social proof in an advert. This way, you already know that the creative within the post is attractive to your audience.

Problem 7: Your results aren't measurable

In this scenario, you're not entirely sure what a conversion entails for your particular campaign or how to appropriately measure your ad's success. There are many different methods to measuring the progress of your ad campaigns, but it's important to structure these in a way in which Facebook has enough data to learn from its events. Conversions should be significant to your business goals and overall marketing strategy, so that any ad optimisation efforts support your company's growth in the long run.

Solution: Once you know what to look for, you'll know which KPIs you should be measuring and optimising regularly. Determine which metrics are relevant to your definition of campaign success, and continuously focus on these. There might be a few instances in which you'll need to find ways to support your conversion goal indirectly. For example, if your goal is to achieve a particular number of downloads, but you aren't getting enough data via your Facebook Pixel. In this case, you could focus on getting users into your funnel by providing value to them and capturing their data, so that you can get them to download your mobile app at a later stage.

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