Why your App Store conversion rate is dropping - and what you can do about it
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Why your App Store conversion rate is dropping - and what you can do about it

With new apps launching into the App Store and Google Play Store daily, your app will face fierce competition from the moment it lands.

The average conversion rate in the App store fluctuates between 5.8% (food and drink category) to 87.3 (weather category). At the same time, in the Google Play Store, it varies between 9.2% (travel and local category) and 58% (business). To get the conversion rate of your app page, divide the number of app downloads by the number of app page views, which will return a percentage.

A well-performing App Store page can have a conversion rate as high as 78.33%, but this number drops as low as 0.87% with the worst-performing pages. This discrepancy tells us that there are many factors which have the ability to influence your mobile app’s success and that a lot can go wrong when attempting to market a new addition.

Even if you hold a solid conversion rate most of the time, chances are you have experienced unexpected drops from time to time.

Before you begin questioning your entire marketing strategy, it is vital to understand the individual factors that might be influencing this sudden lapse. Only then can you start fixing and split testing them one by one, which will allow you to pinpoint the root(s) of the problem.

Here are some potential reasons why your App Store conversion rate is suddenly dropping - and what you can do about it.

App store conversion drop

Your app got featured

Yes, this is still a good thing. What’s important to understand, however, is that if your app was featured and the conversion rate has dropped simultaneously, it means that the users who saw the product page weren’t motivated to download your app despite going the extra mile to click through. This could be due to a number of reasons, but it indicates that you should be optimising the content and creative of your product page ASAP.

Your creative needs a facelift

Bad product page creative leads to low conversion rates. Optimise your screenshot frames and organise them in a way that they showcase your app’s main features and usability. They should be visually appealing, easy to understand and spark curiosity at first glance.

Your ads are misleading

When a user discovers your app via an advert, and they click through to its App Store page, and the content isn’t up to the same standards, you have lost a potential user. Even if the person was impressed by what they saw while scrolling on social media, they would not download a mobile app which isn’t visually appealing. Put an equal amount of effort into designing your App Store page as you do with your ads, and keep these as consistent as possible.

It is also essential that your ads do not falsely portray the app’s features in ads. Users are quick to find out whether an app is worth their time or not and downloading a product only to find out that the functionality they were looking for doesn’t exist only creates a negative user experience.

Your targeting isn’t working for you

Not all traffic is valuable to your business. If your conversion rate is dropping even though your ads are generating a decent click-through rate, begin by reassessing your funnels and refine your ad targeting. Chances are you are generating low-quality traffic to your product page.

There’s a new competitor in town...

...And they’ve done a great job at optimising their product page.

Always keep an eye on your competitors and begin A/B testing your creative elements such as your icons and screenshots so that you can optimise them and get back on top.

There are factors beyond your control

If you have optimised your product page, have worked on your ASO, and have thoroughly reviewed and split tested each and every element of your product page and advertising, you might be dealing with a conversion rate drop related to a current event or downward trend.

In the same way that a workout app might do well during a global pandemic, a travel or booking app will lose its appeal during this time. If this is the case, acknowledge that it is a temporary issue and begin predicting how you can pivot to increase your conversion rate as soon as the current event that is stalling your marketing efforts has passed.

In order to lower your user acquisition costs by increasing your app store’s conversion rate, you need to activate your inner critic. Check out what your competition is doing and understand what is working for them. Pinpoint any flaws on your page’s creative, work on your App Store Optimization and A/B test any changes that you make.

Every app out there will face this challenge, so it’s crucial to turn these problems into learning opportunities. Document your learnings and share them amongst your team - only then will you be able to optimise your marketing efforts and accelerate your business growth continually.


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