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Why you should be using cross-channel marketing

It is easy to get stuck in one marketing channel that is currently working for you, not only because it is time-consuming to diversify your efforts, but because your current approach might seem the most cost-effective option. However, ignoring other marketing channels and how they can interact with each other could do more harm than good when it comes to the long-term success of your business.

Cross-channel marketing is all about connecting with your customers across several digital channels and devices. This includes paid ads on different platforms, social media marketing, organic engagement and email marketing to mention a few.

Cross-channel marketing

The difference between omni or multi-channel and cross-channel marketing

Multi-channel and cross-channel marketing aren’t very different from each other. They both use several channels to start conversations with customers or users, but you’d only pass on data between these channels in cross-channel marketing.

In a nutshell, all cross-channel campaigns are intrinsically multi-channel as well, but not all multi-channel campaigns are cross-channel.

In a cross-channel marketing strategy, you communicate with your users via each marketing channel, while your marketing channels are interconnected.

There are many ways in which your channels would be interacting with each other:

  • If you are running a campaign in which, when a user triggers an event within your app, they are set up to receive a notification outside of your app - for example, in the form of an email or push notification. This notification can be a payment reminder, a TV show suggestion, or even a meditation reminder, as long as it is received outside of, but triggered by your app.

  • If you are running a campaign in which you have Facebook adverts with product recommendations based on app data from past purchases.

  • If you are running a giveaway campaign via social media, but you tell your customers about it via email marketing.

The benefits of cross-channel marketing

Cross-channel marketing isn’t always the answer to all of your problems, but one indisputable benefit is that it allows for a holistic approach when it comes to analytics. It can also be an excellent tool for user retention and acquisition, especially when promoting new features or recommending products.

The consolidation of your campaign analytics potentially allows for a better overview and measurement of your campaign success - giving you a great indication of what is working for your business, and what should be considered when planning future campaigns. If some channels are outperforming others, for example, this will allow you to revisit your strategy in the lower-performing platforms, while optimising your funnels.

In this type of approach, no channel operates alone, and all channels are used as a part of the funnel. Since your users will see your app in several channels throughout their user journey, this is also a great way to boost brand awareness, which also plays a massive role in user trust.

You’re also not limiting yourself to one type of customer or specific platform user. Each user is a unique person with set preferences when it comes to the platforms they frequent online, and a cross-channel campaign allows them to see your brand, no matter where they are.

Because this type of campaign allows you to refine your funnels and segment your audience more efficiently, it’s much more likely that you’ll catch your user’s attention at the right time and in the right place. Which, in turn, allows for a more bespoke approach to delivering your messaging.

If you aren’t sure whether your business is ready for cross-channel marketing, take a moment to check your marketing funnels. You might find that you’re already using this technique unintentionally. If not, begin by connecting the channels that you already have, and see if you notice a difference in your ROI, user retention or brand awareness.

As with every type of marketing campaign, one of the most fundamental steps is to keep a close eye on your analytics to test and measure its success.

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