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We Interview MassiveRocket CEO, Thierry Sequeira

Thierry is the CEO of a product and app development agency in London, Massive Rocket.

Let's find out some more.

Tell me a bit about you Sure thing. I have spent the last 15 years working in software sales and delivery teams across the US, the UK and Europe. Love helping companies engage with their audiences in exciting new ways across Mobile, Web, Email and Social Media. When did you get into the world of apps? About 10 years ago, I joined a digital agency building next-generation apps for new devices and fell in love with the scale, the impact and the immediacy of the customer feedback. We were a tiny team building apps for, WWE, Rolling Stones, MTV,... was a lot of fun! I've since been working with Mobile teams around the world to help them build exciting experiences. What type of apps do you work with? Why did you choose those types? There are two types of apps we work with. People who have just had an idea and are trying to get started and people who have an app and are trying to figure out how to take it to the next level (like FlightView).

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What are the biggest challenges these apps face? Generally, we help with strategy, product development, deploying a data-layer or marketing automation. Tell me more about marketing automation and why it is so important. We believe that companies who are not communicating 1x1 with their users at scale are missing a huge opportunity to build long term relationships with their users. It really depends on who you are and what you are trying to do but we find that there is often a big gap when it comes to marketing automation. Describe your offering for apps. We help companies understand their customers, build beautiful experiences and automate communications at scale. Our key services are 1) Product & Application Development, 2) Marketing Automation and 3) Data & Analytics Tell the people how they can find out more about you. Check out

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