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User Generated Content: Why It Matters For Your Mobile App Marketing Strategy

UGC - or user generated content - is content that was created by the users or ambassadors of a specific product, such as a mobile app. This type of content can be created organically when a user really enjoys the app and wants to tell their friends about it, or a brand can commission it as a part of an influencer campaign.

User generated content is a great tool to save time on content creation for your brand, but it also adds authenticity to your marketing efforts.

We are much more likely to take product recommendations from friends, family and trusted influencers than we are from a company or brand. 90% of consumers even said that they are more influenced by UGC than they are by search engine results or promotional emails. Of course, this goes for positive AND negative content, so it is essential to nurture your audience in order to incentivise the creation of the former.

Social Media Sharing

Why user generated content matters

In the digital age, users are constantly bombarded with highly curated content and advertising, to the point where they begin to tune out of and even ignore all advertising that they encounter. For this reason, users are much more likely to engage with content that their friends share or that looks like content that they would share. If your brand begins creating organic content and ads that look user-generated, while still fitting your branding, your content could reach a much larger audience.

To understand how to begin generating user generated content for your brand, we need to look at the psychology of online sharing. There are many motives for choosing to share content on social media.

According to the New York Times Customer Insight Group, who conducted a three-phase study on the topic, there are five main reasons:

  1. To bring valuable content to others: They want to better the lives of others by sharing entertaining or enriching content.

  2. To define themselves to others: They want the content they share to reflect their identity or how they want to be seen online.

  3. Bonding: They want to grow and nourish relationships with their circle.

  4. Self-fulfilment: They share content because they like the feeling of having others engage with their posts.

  5. To market causes or brands: They want to spread the word about something that they care about.

Once you understand why people share on social media, it is much easier to incentivise positive user generated content creation. It is also essential that your brand leads by example - if your organic and ad content are in line with the reasons above, chances are your audience will share content about your brand eventually. Be informative, provide value and be clear in your messaging, so that your audience will have a guideline to subconsciously follow when they speak about your mobile app.

This process, while very effective, can take some time. If you’d like to begin using user generated content in your organic content and advertising without having to wait for content that’s 100% organically created, you can always partner with influencers and get them to create content for you. It is important that you request permission in writing from the influencer if you’d like to use their content in your advertising. Always provide a brief (that leaves enough room for creative freedom) to avoid any surprises in the content that they provide. The upside to working with influencers is that they already have an audience who trusts them. If you choose them wisely, they’ll work incredibly well for your organic reach as well as your content creation strategy.

Once you have user generated content that you are allowed to use in your marketing, it is time to share it. This type of content might do well organically, but you should also consider using it in your digital ads. Start a campaign that showcases your users’ reviews of your product, while incentivising them to use your campaign hashtag. Not only will you drive brand awareness and conversions, but you will also be generating more user generated content.

Go Pro, National Geographic, Aerie and GymShark are great examples of this.

Your users are your greatest asset, so it is vital to nurture your brand’s relationship with them and to allow them to feel included in your marketing campaigns.

Need help with running your user generated content campaigns? Envision is here to help guide you through the process. Contact us for more information.


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