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Three Quick Wins To An Awesome Growth Strategy.

Here are three quick, easy, simple steps that you could get done in 30 mins sat down with a cup of coffee and a twitch in your leg.

1. Audience - who are they? Where do they exist? Is this thing that has been built going to answer a REAL problem?

The key is in the research and knowledge of where to start. Write down some names, what they do, how much they earn and the brands they trust. This is a good starting point.

Of course, by this point you should have at least your proof of concept done e.g. you know your product is solving a problem and you know enough people will adopt it once it is launched.

The real challenge is now with identifying people in the big, bad world and attracting them to your app. How are you going to do it?

Facebook? Oh, sure. It is an incredible platform with millions of data points and a self-serve ad platform that allows anyone and their mother to tap into and advertise to anyone in the world. God bless Zuck!

It's also the most expensive platform (3x times more than most) and requires an extensive testing process as well as a pair of nifty hands who can navigate it like Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon.

There are better options out there to get your app off the ground in the early stages - do your research.

2. Data - What events are good to capture? What platform is the best to use? How is all of this translatable?

One sec, lemme're going to track the most significant event in your app and do it all using Google Analytics and/or Firebase?

Nailed it! It is a standard response and probably the easiest to implement, there is no doubt about that. But, consider the data you get out of it before you hastily decide that having only some data is enough.

Get to know other platforms out there that fit into your budget that do a hell of a lot more compared to Google. There is even a tool out there that grows with you. The awesome thing is it's free up to certain number of monthly users that guarantees you to be data-rich before you know it.

Google is great for a quick win and to see volume BUT the real value lies in a data platform that gives you so much more than that. You want to see live view and you want to know exactly who is doing what in your app over time with real, profiled date instead of a number on a screen that doesn't really tell you anything.

As soon as your app is launched and out there and you can see install figures rising, trust us because you WILL want to see real-time people like sitting in a shopping centre bench pick 'n' mix in hand. With Google you cannot do that.

Data is the blood stream of your app. Without it, it will die.

3. Marketing - What're the budgets? Where should we start? How do we know it will work before it's even turned on?

Big questions, but easily answered. All you need is a bit of certainty and the knowledge that you can change it later on. For now, have an idea of what you need to accomplish getting some users in.

Whether you are funded or not, sit down and take a long hard look at your apps financial strategy. What MUST be spent where and when? Take into considering you and anyone else on your team, office space, a printer (and the paper), just look at anything you need and then add in a line for marketing spend. If you're convinced you can get your first 500 users without budget, push the spend back to month 3 for phase 2 of your app growth strategy.

If you're wondering how much to spend then set aside ~£5k a month to start off with. This will give you enough to run extensive testing and get users along the way which will inform you incredibly well about how the rest of your plan will turn out. Then, think about how it scales in three month increments - these will be your growth phases and you can have as many of them as you like.

This answers the other burning question: how do we know it will work?

The answer is, it will always work provided you have a product market fit. The real answers come from testing the three core ingredients: audience, imagery, messaging. Until you have this process in place, it is a matter of placing your finger in the air - even the experts do it.

Now, go out and smash it.

Envision Digital supports app growth scale smarter and to attract the right people at the right time. We strategise how to increase retention & loyalty & how to use data with maximum effect.

Not ready yet?

If you've launched / soon to be launching an app and know deep down inside that you need a strategy of some kind, but you don't have the time to dedicate to it nor the expertise in the marketing world and would like to chat at some point, do not fret.

We will come to you - just head here and fill in the form. Tell us a few quick bits of info about your app like your launch date and we will reach out when the time is right for you. It's just one less thing to worry about now.

Take care and speak soon!


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