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Making Apps Data-Rich With Mixpanel

Mixpanel is one of the most superior tracking platforms in the market.

Being able to track cross-platform between web and mobile app, attribute to advertising campaigns, segment and engage users through SMS and email marketing; all of this brings so much more to the table than other, more obvious platforms and looks stunning while it happens.

That is why in 2019 our founder and head of strategy, Josh took the Mixpanel certification course and came out with flying colours.

Through Mixpanel the team at Envision Digital makes your app data-rich. What this does is bring actionable, insightful, and business defining data to a dashboard fine tuned to all core areas of your business: stakeholders, developers, marketers, and investors.

Mixpanel provides a mountain of features and data that will make your toes curl, that will bring stars to your investors eye, and that will provide a successful business strategy. Not to mention bring you more effective advertising through fully personalised campaigns that increase loyalty and retention.

Envision Digital provides a your app with a full implementation of Mixpanel, training and onboarding of the platform so you can learn to use it to its full potential, plus a complete dashboard creation that will give you real-time data about your users day-in, day-out to use to your hearts content.

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