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How To Create An App Marketing Video Ad That Converts (With Script Outline)

We’ve all heard it a million times before: video advertising converts better than still image advertising on Facebook. But if you have tried executing this concept previously, you know that this isn’t always true.

There is nothing worse than spending all of your time, money and effort on one video ad only to find that your other ads outperform it anyway. If you are stuck at a low clickthrough rate (CTR) and a high cost per click (CPC), despite allocating a lot of resources to video advertising, this article is for you.

Nine times out of ten, it is true that a great video ad will convert better than most still image ads. The key is, it has to be properly executed, well-timed, and it must make use of the correct structure and script outline.

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Are you ready to create a great video advert on Facebook to market your mobile app? Follow these tips to get started:

  • Plan ahead of time: This one might seem obvious, but it is important that you outline the script, topic and style of your video before you begin. Draw up a quick storyboard to ensure you don’t miss out on any details. This simple task will make video editing much simpler later on.

  • Keep it simple: Pick one main feature or idea that you want to centre the video around and stick to it. A confused mind always says no, so it’s best to keep it simple.

  • Determine your value proposition: What makes your product particularly attractive to users, and how do you present it to your audience in a way that a) they will understand and b) they will be interested enough to click on the call-to-action (CTA)? Here’s an additional tip: Sit down with a friend or family member who isn’t familiar with the app and explain your value proposition to them, then make them repeat it back to you. If it makes sense, then you have a solid value proposition. If it doesn’t, write their questions down and go back to the drawing board. A solid value proposition should be easily understood in no time.

  • Determine your video length: People are time-poor, and therefore don’t have the time to watch a long video about an app they’ve never heard about while scrolling through their feed. Keep it short and sweet and watch your through play numbers rise. Your goal should be to have a high completion rate (or through plays), which is easier to achieve if your video is shorter.

  • Don’t ramble: Surely that there are many things that make your app great, but seeing them all in one go can be overwhelming. If your feature list is too vast for one video, consider breaking it up into smaller, manageable videos and tailor them to each one of your customer personas and their needs. This is also a great way to get into A/B testing!

  • Start off on the right foot: The first 5 to 15 seconds of a video are crucial. People have an increasingly short attention span, so if you haven’t sparked a potential users’ interest by then, you have lost yourself a user.

  • Don’t forget the caption: The ad’s copy is a great additional opportunity to drive engagement. The longer a user stops to read your ad, the better. Make sure to space your thoughts out in the caption so that it is easy to comprehend.

Writing a good video script isn’t an easy task. Here is a script outline to help you create a Facebook video ad that converts (and doesn’t undermine your marketing efforts).


Begin with striking imagery and a “hook”. Give them a reason to stop scrolling past your video and tell them what your advert is all about. The more user-generated your ad looks, the better. People are more likely to stop scrolling if your ad looks like something their friends shared that is of value to them. Include branding in this section, so that all viewers will have seen it, regardless if they stayed until the end or not.

Section 2

Provide value. Show users a solution to their problem that your mobile app provides, and prove that it can do just that. This can be a tutorial, a story, a testimonial or real, user-generated content from one of your users (make sure to ask for permission if you’re doing this). If they are still watching, you might have bagged yourself a new user.

Section 3

Continue to grab their attention with exciting or flashy imagery, a cliffhanger or a conversational question. Keep this section short, as you want the viewer to stick around until section 4 rolls around.

Section 4

This is where your call-to-action comes into play. Be very clear with what you want users to do. Direct users to the ‘Download’ button or landing page, or ask them to engage with your post by commenting or sharing - this will depend on what a conversion event means to you. Reaffirm your branding here if you can.

Begin following these tips and track your success. Make sure to A/B test wherever you can, and soon you’ll have your best converting video ad yet!


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