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How does a data-rich strategy contribute to app success?

How do you successfully generate a campaign that is impactful, cost-effective and generally worry-free? The truth is, you can't without building the foundations before you go live.

We are advertisers at heart. We have been running campaigns for years now with a constant focus on conversion optimisation and ROI generation. But, something in 2019 changed us: data. More specifically the accessibility of big data for small businesses, how to implement a killer data strategy and what it delivers to you at your feet from product usage to ad retentions.

First and foremost, data is going to be THE most powerful thing you have in your toolkit; a decent, attractive, well-rounded tracking solution should be your best friend to improve both ad and app quality.

Having access to thousands of data points on properly profiled individuals and audiences means you can design and develop more effective marketing campaigns. What does this mean? It means more effective, targeted and personalised messaging through specific user data that drives down costs and boosts results.

Think of data and advertising acting in a feedback loop. There are many other areas in this feedback loop from dev to product owners, stakeholders and investors, but in this instance, we are going to focus on how data informs advertising.

Without applying a formula or method to any kind of madness you instantly start to see the correlation of how your data impacts your advertising and vice versa. This does not come without a detailed overview of your users, and the events they complete in your app on a daily basis. This is where personalisation plays a big part in your marketing mix to help drive usage further into the app. At this stage, with a comprehensive spec build, you have the ability to see how each and every user sits in the funnel so that you can begin to understand what nudges them along and what doesn't.

This all boils down to making clearer, precise business decisions. If you're thinking of developing some new features based on gut instinct, learn explicitly from your existing users. Data will hold the information and knowledge you can pluck out at any point in time using the right process and strategy.

App usage, when personalised, drastically increases engagement within your app. Users feel valued and cared for; this is something only a solution built with this in mind can help you achieve to drastically improve your results and grow as you intended to grow.

Data-rich is the new cash-rich and following a simple yet impactful approach is all it takes to getting there.

We offer an initial data growth package before we even discuss or think about building an ad. This provides you with the groundwork to build something amazing on.

We don't push for ongoing commitment after this package yet we will even throw in a 3-month growth strategy to help you get up on your feet and rockin' as soon as you feel the need or want to start paid advertising.

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