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Here's How You Make Your App Data-Rich: Kickstart Your Growth Strategy

If you’re serious about growing your app, then you need to rely on systems and processes. Great ones at that.

One process that is [honestly] seriously overlooked with app businesses is tracking and data analysis. If you can autonomously get insights driven by your data, user behaviour, what's going right or wrong, don't you think it would lead to you making more impactful decisions?

Imagine having endless data about your app users and their behaviour day in, day out that translates into these things:

1. Personalised data making advertising cost-effective and truly impactful

2. Impress & win investors

3. Grow significantly

4. Exponential increase in retention

Knowing every single move from your user's activity and behaviour in your app is like gold dust. It is invaluable and provides significant growth once you have absolutely all the info you need at your fingertips. 

Envision Digital works with you to provide a lifetime of growth through a data-led approach.

By implementing Mixpanel you unlock a whole world of real-time information and opportunity by:

- Utilising important engagement tools like SMS, Email and Push notifications all from the platform

- Building bespoke dashboards for all parts of the business with different views

- Bringing stakeholders, developers, marketers, and investors together with one unified view on business objectives

“Before we implemented this we were clambering around Firebase and Analytics trying to identify the value in our app - now we have a full and clear idea on what is happening to grow. This is going to be a real game-changer for raising funds, too.” - Priscilla, My Rent Rewards

How we operate is to implement your data and growth strategy in just three steps:

1. Business objective outline and spec implementation

What's an implementation spec? It's a document that outlines all of your events in your app from install, to registration, through to logging out and everything in between.

The implementation spec will outline the events, event properties, super properties, and user profile properties needed to make sure implementing Mixpanel will sync with quantifiable KPIs and business goals.

It also allows developers, marketers, and stakeholders to be 100% clear on how this creates and sustains growth.

2. Bespoke dashboard and strategy creation

No app is fit for growth until it has a report that defines how it will grow.

Each team will have their own view to help them define what the next steps are, how new features are made, or what to say in paid advertising that will convert higher and retain more.

With each app we work with, we provide our ICE-A (impact, confidence, ease, add it!) framework strategy that helps you and your team identify where your app can improve its growth strategy. From ASO, to paid ads, organic partnerships, and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). This comes as standard in all of our ongoing work, too.

3. Create high impact advertising and marketing campaigns to fuel growth

Once everything is in place you're in a position to take the wheel and drive forward your success.

As an app growth agency we provide the expertise to get your app out there on the right platforms, to the right people time and time again. If you like, we can take the wheel for a bit and steer your app growth to brand new levels.

Ready to learn more?

All of this is well and good but how does it work for you?

Find out more by scheduling a 30 min 1-2-1 call and learn how you can scale your app smarter using our verified tracking and data process.

It's one thing implementing an apps data and tracking solution to fuel signifiant growth. It's another thing entirely to run paid ads to expand the reach, adoption and retention of that very same app.

We get that there are many, many things to consider with young businesses and apps that will often be the reason for other things, like advertising, to be put on the back burner. Cash, time, product, investors, developers. The list goes on.

That's why we do this:

3 month trial commitment - We run explicit and extended experiment campaigns whilst delivering performance, reporting, analysing your data, and suggesting CRO opportunities from app to ads.

That comes with a small monthly retainer + quarterly performance bonus so you know we have to work hard to achieve what is important to you.

In other words, we don't reap the rewards until you do.


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