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Do you see plenty of app traffic but low conversion rates with your current mobile marketing campaigns?

Are you experiencing users with low retention rates?

You don't just want any app user, you want quality customers. Don't focus on the thousands of non-converters when you could scale with loyal and engaged users instead.

In 90 days or less, we'll put you on your way to converting more of your app traffic to gain more loyalty and retention, meaning more success for your business.

Ditch the mobile marketing vanity metrics and start focusing on converting the people that matter most to you.

Mobile Offer Engine


Offer A

Offer C

Offer E

Offer B

Offer D

Offer F

~23% increase in users

The EM1 mobile offer engine means we can multi-variant test offers to audiences to attract them into your app, and reactivate existing, dormant users.

Optimised offers for each of your users with fine-tuned discounts, offers, and messages to increase conversions for less money.


Persona Building

App Auditing

Competitor Analysis

Mobile Marketing Stats


Advertising Strategy

Email Planning

Content Creation/Curation

Web Optimisation



App Analytics & Analysis

Brand Building


Creative Design



Data Insights

Audience Surveys


Responsive Advertising

User Acquisition

Customer Engagement &


Case Studies


Objective: To acquire and convert users who have shown an interest in, or have previously interacted with sports gambling, and who are the most likely to be retained past 30 days in the app.

We are delivering on-going support to the team at SportsBroker across paid media, organic content, and analytical implementation that will provide the groundwork to successfully convert their audience to loyal customers.

Being a brand new sports trading app, for iOS, Android, and web, the team have faced challenging situations that have been overcome through dedication and expert knowledge in advertising and user acquisition.

"The Envision Digital team has been integral in the run-up to launching our app. The team is supporting us with our paid advertising strategy, audience persona analysis, analytics implementation and go-to-market game plan with superb detail." - Eric, CMO

Dating App

We can't win them all...

This is a presentation that we put together for a dating app in 2019 that shows the level of detail we go into when it comes to working with our clients on their mobile marketing projects.

Even if we didn't get to implement it, we pride ourselves on the work we do from presentations like this all the way through to campaign execution and beyond.


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