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We're Mixpanel Certified Partners!

In 2019 we identified that Mixpanel is the perfect partner to include into our tech stack. Mixpanel not only supports us in what we do but our clients too.

We are big believers that this is a great platform to help small, medium and large businesses grow the way they should do with as little hassle as possible.

That said, to implement Mixpanel can take several weeks to get to know the platform, understand the implementation specification, and how to make the most out of the platform. We've already learnt all of that, so you don't have to.


Business Objectives...

Business objectives help to identify what success means to your business and then in turn, how you are going to achieve them over time. Part of the implementation specification it makes data accountable.

The goals play a significant role in understanding what the most critical areas to focus on in the data to define, splice, and dive into more in-depth.

The first step of four in our project process to becoming data-rich.

Implementation Spec...

The implementation specification enables data visualisation through custom events on your app. With this, we can physically see the journey and behaviour of your users and make timely, decisive optimisations to both marketing and product.

This part of the process maps out the information we will take from your app and start to analyse in Mixpanel.

It brings together all areas of your business: stakeholders, investors, marketers, developers, and product owners in an impactful way.

Dashboard Creation...

At this point, we will build the dashboard of your dreams! 

Visually being able to see how users are interacting with your app or website, at what point they are stuck and need a nudge and the best way to communicate with them at the best time.

Whether you need to judge how effective your ads are being or how your app is performing, this will become your holy grail.



Your business would struggle to thrive without retaining your users or customers regularly - this is why we also help you map out the engagement journey too.

Push notifications, email campaigns, and in-app chat are all built into Mixpanel, so you have a direct line to your users at all times. 

In this final step, we help you define how you speak to them when it's best to and the most important things to say.

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