We fully understand the functions of an app business; the frustrations of acquisition and the maze of in-app activation. 
The mobile app marketing services we provide involve a data-lead approach to mobile app marketing and customer activation and monetisation using a bespoke strategy. 
Our expertise in data and user analytics for mobile apps is how we approach our work with a fully data-led strategy. From understanding leading indicators such as device usage, the identity of user residence and overall trends (to name just a few), right the way through to lagging indicators such as behaviour trends of specific cohorts of people, daily app-usage habits, and retention.
All of this enables us to build the right strategy for any type of app that is custom to your businesses data and specific use case.


Targeted app install campaigns
Developed creative and messaging strategy
Bid management
Budget management
Audience optimisation
Creative optimisation
Strategy sessions
Value proposition audit & ongoing work
Technical implementation support
Creative consultancy
Keyword research
Campaign setup, launch, management & optimisation
Post-registration onboarding flow
Abandonded reg flow (where applicable)
New offer/feature push flow
Customer monetisation flow
Customer retention flow
Pre-install lead indicators
Post-install lag indicators
Cost-metrics per each funnel event
In-app behaviour
Continuous audience research
Weekly  performance reporting
Monthly forecasting
Retention monitoring & reporting
+ monthly & quarterly app health report
Mini monthly report (all with a *)
Full quarterly report (all without a *)
Discoverability ranking*
User journey audit
App power ranking*
App Engagement ranking
Conversion rate diagnosis, benchmarking and forecast
Competitor snapshots*
Advertising audit*
Traffic optimisation report
Top trending keywords & search trends report*
Semantic keyword suggestions
Single, Double & Triple keyword suggestion generator
+ hidden interest targeting (FB)
Stay one step ahead of your competition and two-steps ahead of your customers.
Competition is fierce on Facebook and Instagram, and with them being the top platforms for mobile app marketing we will utilise hidden interests that will drive down acquisition costs and keep campaigns fresh for longer (no sudden saturation!).

It shouldn't have to cost the earth

How much it is worth

£30,000 per month + VAT

How much we charge

£15,000 per month Inc. VAT


The folks over at GetMySlice were fed up; our data is used and abused and yet, as individuals, we see barely any of the advantages. We certainly do not see any monetary gains.

Using our activation and monetisation strategies, we help them to convert window shoppers into active users - building an automation strategy to onboard and interact with users that communicates the USPs of the app to all users seamlessly.

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