App marketing requires breadth; the focus on many things 

Success-driven user acquisition & activation

User acquisition is just the start. We deliver activated users to your business. It fills the top of your funnel while feeding the bottom improving user growth and revenue.
Previous results: 30% increase in conversion rate from install to registration.

Analytical user retention tactics

Retaining users is critical to app success. Using engagement tactics is the best way to replicate what the top 25% of your users are doing and pushing everyone else to do the same.

Previous results: 3x increase in unique app sessions & 2x increase in bookings.

Valuable user behaviour tracking

Identifying your user's behaviour and analysing how they are using the product post-acquisition. Behaviour tracking is much more than numbers on a screen that leads to decisive actions and strategy improvements.
Previous results: Pinpointed the most profitable users & increased in-app engagement by 2.5x.

Expert ad & value proposition testing

A/B testing helps us to improve your advertising performance. It provides deep insights into all of the elements of your ad to find the right combination to driver success performance.
Previous results: 93% drop in cost per install & 200%+ increase in user activation.

App Marketing Agency

Envision Digital helps businesses reach more customers and increase revenue with strategic app marketing in pre-launch or growth/scale-up status.
Your app can be scaled with the use of user acquisition and a refined value proposition which we coach you on and implement and maintain for you.

Achieve growth and customer retention using marketing strategies and platforms that increase customer acquisition, customer activation and long-term app usage.

Are you looking for a growth partner for your app?

Your App Growth Team

Strategy & Growth
We don’t shoot from the hip. Everything to do with your acquisition strategy is meticulously planned out to help you reach your business goals.
Analytics & Attribution
Partnered with the most exciting tech platforms in the app marketing world, it is critical to us that you have dedicated experts and processes to track and analyse successes.
Creative Advisors
While we are not designers, we know what works. Our minds never sleep while finding the perfect delivery through ad creative and copy that we have known to work time and time again.

Our Work

We pride ourselves on being able to build a bespoke app growth strategy built with your target audiences in mind; planning around your value proposition to find the right customers for you, constantly.
We work across a mix of Fintech and B2C-related apps building highly targeted ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google that deliver results in-line with your KPIs.
Monthly Package from £3,000 (+ VAT)


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What people say

 Envision Digital successfully increased downloads. The team had constant communication and offered satisfactory work.  
 - Andre, Neptoon CEO 

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