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Utilise the best platform...

We use LinkedIn to deliver only high-quality leads to your business. Once you have those leads, it is up to you to close and cash them in.

Here is what we offer:

✅ At least 1,000 connection requests per month 

✅ 30-40% of which become part of your network 

✅ A dilligently planned conversation sequence that is all about having a conversation, not selling

✅ A/B split testing of conversations, material, and openers

✅ An average of 2-5 opportunities arising weekly

✅ Between 8 - 12 sales conversations generated per month

All based on an intelligent and meaningful process to generate additional revenue for your business.

The Process...

Step 1

Tell us the best LinkedIn account to use for the activity.

Step 2

Finalise messenger sequence, materials, facts and figures.

Step 3

Start activity, sending out 50 connection requests per working day, on average.

Step 4

Once there is an opportunity to develop further, book it into your diary